Newsletter - May 14, 2020



Dick Zigun's State of Coney Island Weekly Address

During the pandemic, we present a weekly series of State of Coney Island Addresses, from our Artistic Director/Founder and permanently unelected mayor of Coney Island Dick Zigun! Tune in every Sunday at Noon! Please share the videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Put on a Funny Face Mask Contest!

We here at Coney Island USA have taken a vow to defend the honor of American popular culture. Although it may seem that culture has recently ground to a halt, we don't see it that way. While our hearts break for the lives lost and those suffering, it goes without saying that we are awed by the bravery (and worry about the safety) of those on the front lines. We also recognize the incredible resilience of the American spirit demonstrated every day in so many different ways. And one of our favorite ways is in the seemingly endless and awesome mask designs that people are creating.

In honor of this new culture of homemade masks, Coney Island USA is proud to present the world's first ever mask design contest which we have titled, Put on a Funny Face presented by Spectrum News NY1.

Our celebrity judges will award fab prizes to the best mask designs. We've got quite a few categories, so there are lots of opportunities to win. And unlike our infamous Mermaid Parade judging there will be no bribery or any hanky panky of any kind (n.b. we reserve the right to indulge in all sorts of bribery and hanky panky).

Here are the mask categories we will be awarding prizes for:

  • Best Overall Mask: Our top prize
  • One New York Mask: Best design that celebrates NYC, as selected by Spectrum News NY1
  • Coney Themed Mask: You know we want to see some Coney stuff
  • Mermaid/Neptune Mask: Honoring the most wonderful of sea creatures
  • Formal Mask: Puttin' on the Ritz now means putting on a mask
  • Historical Mask: We like Olde stuff
  • Kids Mask: A mask for a kid, or a mask that makes you a kid. You decide! (CDC only recommends masks for kids over 2-years old - no babies!)
  • The People's Choice: We will let the general public vote for their favorite
  • The Judges' Choice: The corrupt and inebriated Judges from the Mermaid Parade will "pick" their favorite

There will also be two special prizes:

  • Community Service: For the mask makers or organization who have best served the community
  • Best Mask Wearing Encouragement Meme: We all need to mask up. Let's see your propaganda.

Have questions, join our Put On a Funny Face Facebook Group where we will be available to help.

What are you waiting for? Show us your mask by entering now.

Entries accepted till May 25th. Winners announced on or around June 1st.

Important Note: Coney Island USA will not consider for entry any N-95 or other professional-level PPE masks, as these are in short supply and are desperately needed for use by healthcare and essential services workers. The only exception will be for customized masks worn by healthcare and essential services workers.

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