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Torkova Show canceled Friday, Jan 5, Magic at Coney on for Sunday and more

January 5th 2018

\[\-\-afR6UJaJDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPafR6UJaJ\-\-\] \[\-\-afR6UJaJDM_TMP /content DM_TMPafR6UJaJ\-\-\] [1]image 1/4/2018 Newsletter \[\-\-afR6UJaJDM_TMP /content DM_TMPafR6UJaJ\-\-\] \[\-\-afR6UJaJDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPafR6UJaJ\-\-\] \[\-\-afR6UJaJDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPafR6UJaJ\-\-\] \[\-\-afR6UJaJDM_TMP content DM_TMPafR6UJaJ\-\-\] A Hanky and a T-T-T-Top Hat! Fridays at 8pm in January! Canceled January 5th due to inclement weather. [2]magic ==================================== ...Continue Reading

Last chance for a 2017 tax deduction!

December 30th 2017

\[\-\-PJYUWgIMDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPPJYUWgIM\-\-\] \[\-\-PJYUWgIMDM_TMP /content DM_TMPPJYUWgIM\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-PJYUWgIMDM_TMP /content DM_TMPPJYUWgIM\-\-\] \[\-\-PJYUWgIMDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPPJYUWgIM\-\-\] \[\-\-PJYUWgIMDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPPJYUWgIM\-\-\] \[\-\-PJYUWgIMDM_TMP content DM_TMPPJYUWgIM\-\-\] Dear Friend, I’m writing to you today as a fellow lover of Coney Island. Marching in the Mermaid Parade, visiting the Coney Island Museum, watching the world famous Circus Sides ...Continue Reading

Join us for our New Year's Eve Party and Sideshow and Magic New Year's Day

December 28th 2017

\[\-\-C9YkYPtEDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPC9YkYPtE\-\-\] \[\-\-C9YkYPtEDM_TMP /content DM_TMPC9YkYPtE\-\-\] [1]image 12/28/2017 Newsletter \[\-\-C9YkYPtEDM_TMP /content DM_TMPC9YkYPtE\-\-\] \[\-\-C9YkYPtEDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPC9YkYPtE\-\-\] \[\-\-C9YkYPtEDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPC9YkYPtE\-\-\] \[\-\-C9YkYPtEDM_TMP content DM_TMPC9YkYPtE\-\-\] How Cool Is This New Year's Eve Party? This Sunday, December 31, 8pm-2am [2]magic ================================================================ ...Continue Reading

Happy Holidays from Coney Island USA, Spend New Year's Eve with us

December 21st 2017

\[\-\-fedDawzBDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPfedDawzB\-\-\] \[\-\-fedDawzBDM_TMP /content DM_TMPfedDawzB\-\-\] [1]image 12/21/2017 Newsletter \[\-\-fedDawzBDM_TMP /content DM_TMPfedDawzB\-\-\] \[\-\-fedDawzBDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPfedDawzB\-\-\] \[\-\-fedDawzBDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPfedDawzB\-\-\] \[\-\-fedDawzBDM_TMP content DM_TMPfedDawzB\-\-\] Happy Holidays from Coney Island USA! ===================================== [2]museum ========================================================= ...Continue Reading

Final weekend for our Coney Island Winter Wonderland, Mystery Guest joins New Year's Eve cast, plus more

December 14th 2017

\[\-\-YuwUYqZPDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPYuwUYqZP\-\-\] \[\-\-YuwUYqZPDM_TMP /content DM_TMPYuwUYqZP\-\-\] [1]image 12/14/2017 Newsletter \[\-\-YuwUYqZPDM_TMP /content DM_TMPYuwUYqZP\-\-\] \[\-\-YuwUYqZPDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPYuwUYqZP\-\-\] \[\-\-YuwUYqZPDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPYuwUYqZP\-\-\] \[\-\-YuwUYqZPDM_TMP content DM_TMPYuwUYqZP\-\-\] The 2nd Annual Coney Island Winter Wonderland! Final Weekend! December 16, 17! ====================================================================== ...Continue Reading

Incredible Weekend of Holiday Events, New Year's Eve Show on sale now

December 7th 2017

\[\-\-giu8AWPQDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPgiu8AWPQ\-\-\] \[\-\-giu8AWPQDM_TMP /content DM_TMPgiu8AWPQ\-\-\] [1]image 12/7/2017 Newsletter \[\-\-giu8AWPQDM_TMP /content DM_TMPgiu8AWPQ\-\-\] \[\-\-giu8AWPQDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPgiu8AWPQ\-\-\] \[\-\-giu8AWPQDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPgiu8AWPQ\-\-\] \[\-\-giu8AWPQDM_TMP content DM_TMPgiu8AWPQ\-\-\] The Tin Soldier's Christmas Toys! Family Friendly! This Saturday, December 9th, 1pm and 4pm ========================================================== ...Continue Reading

Book Signing, Magic and Winter Wonderland is coming soon

December 1st 2017

\[\-\-rjih89zADM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPrjih89zA\-\-\] \[\-\-rjih89zADM_TMP /content DM_TMPrjih89zA\-\-\] [1]image 11/30/2017 Newsletter \[\-\-rjih89zADM_TMP /content DM_TMPrjih89zA\-\-\] \[\-\-rjih89zADM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPrjih89zA\-\-\] \[\-\-rjih89zADM_TMP BODY DM_TMPrjih89zA\-\-\] \[\-\-rjih89zADM_TMP content DM_TMPrjih89zA\-\-\] Book Signing: Coney Island, a black and white retrospective! This Saturday, December 2nd, 5pm-7pm [2]magic ======================================= ...Continue Reading

Coney Island USA Needs You

November 28th 2017

\[\-\-UCYwoamzDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPUCYwoamz\-\-\] \[\-\-UCYwoamzDM_TMP /content DM_TMPUCYwoamz\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-UCYwoamzDM_TMP /content DM_TMPUCYwoamz\-\-\] \[\-\-UCYwoamzDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPUCYwoamz\-\-\] \[\-\-UCYwoamzDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPUCYwoamz\-\-\] \[\-\-UCYwoamzDM_TMP content DM_TMPUCYwoamz\-\-\] image ===== Greetings from Coney Island! Today is #GivingTuesday and as people all over the country are coming together to support what matters most to them, I hope you’ll ...Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale, plus upcoming events

November 22nd 2017

\[\-\-eGQUsgY7DM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPeGQUsgY7\-\-\] \[\-\-eGQUsgY7DM_TMP /content DM_TMPeGQUsgY7\-\-\] [1]image 11/22/2017 Newsletter \[\-\-eGQUsgY7DM_TMP /content DM_TMPeGQUsgY7\-\-\] \[\-\-eGQUsgY7DM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPeGQUsgY7\-\-\] \[\-\-eGQUsgY7DM_TMP BODY DM_TMPeGQUsgY7\-\-\] \[\-\-eGQUsgY7DM_TMP content DM_TMPeGQUsgY7\-\-\] Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Coney Island USA! [2]text ================================================================= ...Continue Reading

Queer Coney Saturday, Magic Sunday, Please support the Museum and more

November 16th 2017

\[\-\-U923iOp4DM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPU923iOp4\-\-\] \[\-\-U923iOp4DM_TMP /content DM_TMPU923iOp4\-\-\] [1]image 11/16/2017 Newsletter \[\-\-U923iOp4DM_TMP /content DM_TMPU923iOp4\-\-\] \[\-\-U923iOp4DM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPU923iOp4\-\-\] \[\-\-U923iOp4DM_TMP BODY DM_TMPU923iOp4\-\-\] \[\-\-U923iOp4DM_TMP content DM_TMPU923iOp4\-\-\] Text CIMUSEUM to 71777 [2]magic =================================================================== Coney Island USA’s landmarked headquarters, 1 ...Continue Reading
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