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CIUSA Events is an announce-only mailing list which will be used to notify the fans and friends of Coney Island USA ( about events going on at our 501c3 not for profit arts center, located in the center of America's oldest playground at 1208 Surf Avenue!

Coney Island USA will ONLY use this list to let YOU know about our special events and programs such as The Mermaid Parade, Burlesque at the Beach, Coney Island Circus Sideshow special appearances, the Coney Island Film Festival and other programs we produce, as well as information regarding our organization.

Typically, you will receive one email per week. Additional emails highlighting specific Coney Island USA programs may also come your way.

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Amazon Smile, Magic and upcoming events in December, on sale now

November 13th 2019

\[\-\-aV684YouDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPaV684You\-\-\] \[\-\-aV684YouDM_TMP /content DM_TMPaV684You\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-aV684YouDM_TMP /content DM_TMPaV684You\-\-\] Newsletter - November 13, 2019 ============================== \[\-\-aV684YouDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPaV684You\-\-\] \[\-\-aV684YouDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPaV684You\-\-\] \[\-\-aV684YouDM_TMP content DM_TMPaV684You\-\-\] This Holiday Season, your purchases at support Coney Island USA! photo ======================= ...Continue Reading

Magic this Sunday and December events on sale now

November 6th 2019

\[\-\-xyXhBejfDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPxyXhBejf\-\-\] \[\-\-xyXhBejfDM_TMP /content DM_TMPxyXhBejf\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-xyXhBejfDM_TMP /content DM_TMPxyXhBejf\-\-\] Newsletter - November 6, 2019 ============================= \[\-\-xyXhBejfDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPxyXhBejf\-\-\] \[\-\-xyXhBejfDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPxyXhBejf\-\-\] \[\-\-xyXhBejfDM_TMP content DM_TMPxyXhBejf\-\-\] Thanks to everyone who came out to our Creeptacular Fall Fundraiser! photo =================================== ...Continue Reading

See you at our Fall Fundraiser this Saturday, November 2nd, Get your tickets now, Magic Sunday

October 30th 2019

\[\-\-68i4eHGvDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMP68i4eHGv\-\-\] \[\-\-68i4eHGvDM_TMP /content DM_TMP68i4eHGv\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-68i4eHGvDM_TMP /content DM_TMP68i4eHGv\-\-\] Newsletter - October 30, 2019 ============================= \[\-\-68i4eHGvDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMP68i4eHGv\-\-\] \[\-\-68i4eHGvDM_TMP BODY DM_TMP68i4eHGv\-\-\] \[\-\-68i4eHGvDM_TMP content DM_TMP68i4eHGv\-\-\] The Coney Island USA Creeptacular Fall Fundraiser! This Saturday, November 2, 2019, 7pm-11pm! photo ======= ...Continue Reading

Fall Creeptacular Fundraiser is less than 2 weeks away, Boxcutter Collective Puppets, Phantom Creep Theatre, Magic and Casting Call this Sunday

October 23rd 2019

\[\-\-QEdvwGEoDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPQEdvwGEo\-\-\] \[\-\-QEdvwGEoDM_TMP /content DM_TMPQEdvwGEo\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-QEdvwGEoDM_TMP /content DM_TMPQEdvwGEo\-\-\] Newsletter - October 23, 2019 ============================= \[\-\-QEdvwGEoDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPQEdvwGEo\-\-\] \[\-\-QEdvwGEoDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPQEdvwGEo\-\-\] \[\-\-QEdvwGEoDM_TMP content DM_TMPQEdvwGEo\-\-\] Tickets on sale now for The Coney Island USA Creeptacular Fall Fundraiser! Saturday, November 2, 2019, 7pm-11pm! ...Continue Reading

Our Fall Fundraiser is less than 3 weeks away, Puppets Friday and Saturday, Brooklyn themed Ask the Experts, Magic, Casting Call and Halloween Adventure Offer

October 16th 2019

\[\-\-5HCIHecIDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMP5HCIHecI\-\-\] \[\-\-5HCIHecIDM_TMP /content DM_TMP5HCIHecI\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-5HCIHecIDM_TMP /content DM_TMP5HCIHecI\-\-\] Newsletter - October 16, 2019 ============================= \[\-\-5HCIHecIDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMP5HCIHecI\-\-\] \[\-\-5HCIHecIDM_TMP BODY DM_TMP5HCIHecI\-\-\] \[\-\-5HCIHecIDM_TMP content DM_TMP5HCIHecI\-\-\] Tickets on sale now for The Coney Island USA Creeptacular Fall Fundraiser! Saturday, November 2, 2019, 7pm! ph ...Continue Reading

Spooky Halloween Themed Events, Get your Fall Fundraiser Tickets, Bindlestiff Cavalcade of Youth, Magic, Halloween Adventure Offer and more

October 9th 2019

\[\-\-DNNUm4PIDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPDNNUm4PI\-\-\] \[\-\-DNNUm4PIDM_TMP /content DM_TMPDNNUm4PI\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-DNNUm4PIDM_TMP /content DM_TMPDNNUm4PI\-\-\] Newsletter - October 9, 2019 ============================ \[\-\-DNNUm4PIDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPDNNUm4PI\-\-\] \[\-\-DNNUm4PIDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPDNNUm4PI\-\-\] \[\-\-DNNUm4PIDM_TMP content DM_TMPDNNUm4PI\-\-\] Tickets on sale now for The Coney Island USA Creeptacular Fall Fundraiser! Saturday, November 2, 2019, 7pm! phot ...Continue Reading

Creeptacular Fall Fundraiser tickets on sale now, Music of Curiosities Friday and more

October 2nd 2019

\[\-\-ouMiNEY6DM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPouMiNEY6\-\-\] \[\-\-ouMiNEY6DM_TMP /content DM_TMPouMiNEY6\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-ouMiNEY6DM_TMP /content DM_TMPouMiNEY6\-\-\] Newsletter - October 2, 2019 ============================ \[\-\-ouMiNEY6DM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPouMiNEY6\-\-\] \[\-\-ouMiNEY6DM_TMP BODY DM_TMPouMiNEY6\-\-\] \[\-\-ouMiNEY6DM_TMP content DM_TMPouMiNEY6\-\-\] Tickets on sale now for The Coney Island USA Creeptacular Fall Fundraiser! Saturday, November 2, 2019, 7pm! phot ...Continue Reading

Knife Throwing Burlesque, Final 2019 Weekend for Coney Sideshow, Magic Sunday, Save the Date Fall Fundraiser, Applebee's and more

September 25th 2019

\[\-\-6fW87VsYDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMP6fW87VsY\-\-\] \[\-\-6fW87VsYDM_TMP /content DM_TMP6fW87VsY\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-6fW87VsYDM_TMP /content DM_TMP6fW87VsY\-\-\] Newsletter - September 25, 2019 =============================== \[\-\-6fW87VsYDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMP6fW87VsY\-\-\] \[\-\-6fW87VsYDM_TMP BODY DM_TMP6fW87VsY\-\-\] \[\-\-6fW87VsYDM_TMP content DM_TMP6fW87VsY\-\-\] Burlesque at the Beach, This Friday, September 27th, 10pm photo ========================================== ...Continue Reading

Burlesque, Sideshow, Magic, Film Fest Wrap up and more

September 18th 2019

\[\-\-6zpcv3cDDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMP6zpcv3cD\-\-\] \[\-\-6zpcv3cDDM_TMP /content DM_TMP6zpcv3cD\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-6zpcv3cDDM_TMP /content DM_TMP6zpcv3cD\-\-\] Newsletter - September 18, 2019 =============================== \[\-\-6zpcv3cDDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMP6zpcv3cD\-\-\] \[\-\-6zpcv3cDDM_TMP BODY DM_TMP6zpcv3cD\-\-\] \[\-\-6zpcv3cDDM_TMP content DM_TMP6zpcv3cD\-\-\] Burlesque at the Beach, This Friday, September 20th, 9pm photo =========================================== ...Continue Reading

Coney Island Film Festival this weekend, Music of Curiosities Thursday, Save the Date Fall Fundraiser, Bloody Brains in a Jukebox

September 11th 2019

\[\-\-bnJZiPyPDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPbnJZiPyP\-\-\] \[\-\-bnJZiPyPDM_TMP /content DM_TMPbnJZiPyP\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-bnJZiPyPDM_TMP /content DM_TMPbnJZiPyP\-\-\] Newsletter - September 12, 2019 =============================== \[\-\-bnJZiPyPDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPbnJZiPyP\-\-\] \[\-\-bnJZiPyPDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPbnJZiPyP\-\-\] \[\-\-bnJZiPyPDM_TMP content DM_TMPbnJZiPyP\-\-\] 19th Annual Coney Island Film Festival, this weekend! September 13-15 at Sideshows by the Seashore and The Co ...Continue Reading