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CIUSA Events is an announce-only mailing list which will be used to notify the fans and friends of Coney Island USA ( about events going on at our 501c3 not for profit arts center, located in the center of America's oldest playground at 1208 Surf Avenue!

Coney Island USA will ONLY use this list to let YOU know about our special events and programs such as The Mermaid Parade, Burlesque at the Beach, Coney Island Circus Sideshow special appearances, the Coney Island Film Festival and other programs we produce, as well as information regarding our organization.

Typically, you will receive one email per week. Additional emails highlighting specific Coney Island USA programs may also come your way.

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Burlesque, Sideshow, Magic, Film Fest Wrap up and more

September 18th 2019

\[\-\-M7u7nSIpDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPM7u7nSIp\-\-\] \[\-\-M7u7nSIpDM_TMP /content DM_TMPM7u7nSIp\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-M7u7nSIpDM_TMP /content DM_TMPM7u7nSIp\-\-\] Newsletter - September 18, 2019 =============================== \[\-\-M7u7nSIpDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPM7u7nSIp\-\-\] \[\-\-M7u7nSIpDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPM7u7nSIp\-\-\] \[\-\-M7u7nSIpDM_TMP content DM_TMPM7u7nSIp\-\-\] Burlesque at the Beach, This Friday, September 20th, 9pm photo =========================================== ...Continue Reading

Coney Island Film Festival this weekend, Music of Curiosities Thursday, Save the Date Fall Fundraiser, Bloody Brains in a Jukebox

September 11th 2019

\[\-\-Y6WAIAw8DM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPY6WAIAw8\-\-\] \[\-\-Y6WAIAw8DM_TMP /content DM_TMPY6WAIAw8\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-Y6WAIAw8DM_TMP /content DM_TMPY6WAIAw8\-\-\] Newsletter - September 12, 2019 =============================== \[\-\-Y6WAIAw8DM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPY6WAIAw8\-\-\] \[\-\-Y6WAIAw8DM_TMP BODY DM_TMPY6WAIAw8\-\-\] \[\-\-Y6WAIAw8DM_TMP content DM_TMPY6WAIAw8\-\-\] 19th Annual Coney Island Film Festival, this weekend! September 13-15 at Sideshows by the Seashore and The Co ...Continue Reading

Film Fest Tickets, Miss Coney Island Pageant, Beard and Moustache Competition, Bloody Brains Fundraiser, Magic and more

September 4th 2019

\[\-\-CVoAaSpjDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPCVoAaSpj\-\-\] \[\-\-CVoAaSpjDM_TMP /content DM_TMPCVoAaSpj\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-CVoAaSpjDM_TMP /content DM_TMPCVoAaSpj\-\-\] Newsletter - September 4, 2019 ============================== \[\-\-CVoAaSpjDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPCVoAaSpj\-\-\] \[\-\-CVoAaSpjDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPCVoAaSpj\-\-\] \[\-\-CVoAaSpjDM_TMP content DM_TMPCVoAaSpj\-\-\] Tickets are on sale now for the 19th Annual Coney Island Film Festival, September 13-15 at Sideshows by the Sea ...Continue Reading

Film Fest Tickets, Burlesque Legends, Sideshow, Bloody Brains Fundraiser, Suffragette City Saturday, Magic and more

August 28th 2019

\[\-\-w6opUXu9DM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPw6opUXu9\-\-\] \[\-\-w6opUXu9DM_TMP /content DM_TMPw6opUXu9\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-w6opUXu9DM_TMP /content DM_TMPw6opUXu9\-\-\] Newsletter - August 28, 2019 ============================ \[\-\-w6opUXu9DM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPw6opUXu9\-\-\] \[\-\-w6opUXu9DM_TMP BODY DM_TMPw6opUXu9\-\-\] \[\-\-w6opUXu9DM_TMP content DM_TMPw6opUXu9\-\-\] Tickets are on sale now for the 19th Annual Coney Island Film Festival, September 13-15 at Sideshows by the Seashor ...Continue Reading

Coney Island Film Fest tickets on sale, Art Opening, Vaudeville Talk, Burlesque, Sideshow, Magic, Brooklyn Cyclones Offer

August 21st 2019

\[\-\-RQfpsPUqDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPRQfpsPUq\-\-\] \[\-\-RQfpsPUqDM_TMP /content DM_TMPRQfpsPUq\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-RQfpsPUqDM_TMP /content DM_TMPRQfpsPUq\-\-\] Newsletter - August 21, 2019 ============================ \[\-\-RQfpsPUqDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPRQfpsPUq\-\-\] \[\-\-RQfpsPUqDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPRQfpsPUq\-\-\] \[\-\-RQfpsPUqDM_TMP content DM_TMPRQfpsPUq\-\-\] Tickets are on sale now for the 19th Annual Coney Island Film Festival, September 13-15 at Sideshows by the Seashor ...Continue Reading

Koo Koo The Bird Girl Wednesday, Student Showcase Burlesque, Sideshow, Burlesque, Magic, NY Aquarium and more

August 11th 2019

\[\-\-fWhj378ODM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPfWhj378O\-\-\] \[\-\-fWhj378ODM_TMP /content DM_TMPfWhj378O\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-fWhj378ODM_TMP /content DM_TMPfWhj378O\-\-\] Newsletter - August 12, 2019 ============================ \[\-\-fWhj378ODM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPfWhj378O\-\-\] \[\-\-fWhj378ODM_TMP BODY DM_TMPfWhj378O\-\-\] \[\-\-fWhj378ODM_TMP content DM_TMPfWhj378O\-\-\] Koo Koo the Bird Girl, This Wednesday, August 14th, 9pm photo ================================================== ...Continue Reading

Belly Dance Show, 3d VHS Festival, Phantom Creep Theatre, Art Opening, Burlesque, Sideshow, Magic and offers from the Brooklyn Cyclones and Applebee's

August 7th 2019

\[\-\-e4F5BNRMDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPe4F5BNRM\-\-\] \[\-\-e4F5BNRMDM_TMP /content DM_TMPe4F5BNRM\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-e4F5BNRMDM_TMP /content DM_TMPe4F5BNRM\-\-\] Newsletter - August 7, 2019 =========================== \[\-\-e4F5BNRMDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPe4F5BNRM\-\-\] \[\-\-e4F5BNRMDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPe4F5BNRM\-\-\] \[\-\-e4F5BNRMDM_TMP content DM_TMPe4F5BNRM\-\-\] Coney Island USA & Bellydance America Present: 1001 Nights, This Thursday, August 8th, 9pm photo ========== ...Continue Reading

Seashore Variety Thursday Night, Sideshow, Burlesque, Magic and offers from the Brooklyn Cyclones and Deno's Wonder Wheel Park

July 31st 2019

\[\-\-KcF7HGH6DM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPKcF7HGH6\-\-\] \[\-\-KcF7HGH6DM_TMP /content DM_TMPKcF7HGH6\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-KcF7HGH6DM_TMP /content DM_TMPKcF7HGH6\-\-\] Newsletter - July 31, 2019 ========================== \[\-\-KcF7HGH6DM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPKcF7HGH6\-\-\] \[\-\-KcF7HGH6DM_TMP BODY DM_TMPKcF7HGH6\-\-\] \[\-\-KcF7HGH6DM_TMP content DM_TMPKcF7HGH6\-\-\] The Seashore Variety Hour! Classic American Circus and Sideshow, This Thursday, August 1st, 9pm photo =========== ...Continue Reading

Music of Curiosities, Burlesque, Vendor Market, Sideshow Banner Talk, Drink and Draw, Sideshow, Magic, Deno's Wonder Wheel Offer

July 24th 2019

\[\-\-UUxGaax8DM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPUUxGaax8\-\-\] \[\-\-UUxGaax8DM_TMP /content DM_TMPUUxGaax8\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-UUxGaax8DM_TMP /content DM_TMPUUxGaax8\-\-\] Newsletter - July 24, 2019 ========================== \[\-\-UUxGaax8DM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPUUxGaax8\-\-\] \[\-\-UUxGaax8DM_TMP BODY DM_TMPUUxGaax8\-\-\] \[\-\-UUxGaax8DM_TMP content DM_TMPUUxGaax8\-\-\] Music of Curiosities – Coney Island Presents: Pnk Vlvt Wtch Trio, This Thursday, July 25th, 10pm photo ========== ...Continue Reading

Phantom Creep Theatre returns, Puppetry Burlesque, Belly Dance History Lecture, Sideshow, Magic, Applebee's offer and more

July 17th 2019

\[\-\-Rb7yUMisDM_TMP HEADER DM_TMPRb7yUMis\-\-\] \[\-\-Rb7yUMisDM_TMP /content DM_TMPRb7yUMis\-\-\] [1]image \[\-\-Rb7yUMisDM_TMP /content DM_TMPRb7yUMis\-\-\] Newsletter - July 17, 2019 ========================== \[\-\-Rb7yUMisDM_TMP /HEADER DM_TMPRb7yUMis\-\-\] \[\-\-Rb7yUMisDM_TMP BODY DM_TMPRb7yUMis\-\-\] \[\-\-Rb7yUMisDM_TMP content DM_TMPRb7yUMis\-\-\] Coney Island Circus Sideshow! Open Daily through Labor Day, 1pm - 7pm (last ticket sold at 7pm)! photo ========== ...Continue Reading